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New to Studio Privates      $165                   
Three 55 minute private sessions for my new to studio clients that prefer private sessions and or may be injured.  A great way to learn about your misalignments and muscle imbalances. Privates are based on your goals.  

New to Pilates Sampler                                         $165
For clients that are not familiar with studio Pilates.
This Introductory Pack includes two private sessions,
two equipment classes and one mat class.  55 minute sessions taught on the reformer, cadillac, chair and mat.  Learn the exercises, experience the equipment and feel connected to your mind and body! Type your paragraph here.

New to Studio Sampler                      $116
For clients that have a studio Pilates practice.  This package includes one private session, two equipment classes and one mat class.  55 minute sessions taught on the reformer, tower, chair and mat.