Class Schedule and Descriptions

​​Equipment Class

​(3-4 people) Designed as a 55 minute full body workout.  All classes will use either the Reformer, Tower or Chair. 

Jump board Interval classes are fun and challenging! Strengthen your legs and abdominals with every jump. A 55 minute total body workout.

Mat classes are 50 minutes using bands, rings, small balls and foam rollers to deepen our practice.

All Classes are based on the Pilates method of conditioning.  You will always be lengthening, stretching, toning and will learn how to use your abdominals effectively, improve your posture and bring your body into better alignment.  You can apply this to all that you do in life!

Your new studio for Pilates Classes and Mat Classes in Toms River

​Classes subject to change, please call/text ahead to confirm all mat classes.

​​​​​​Coastline Pilates  

with Renee' Millemann

1240 route 166, toms River, Nj

​732 330-9168


5:30 am         Equipment Class 

8:30 am         Equipment Class 
9:30 am         Equipment Class 
6:00 pm         Equipment Class 
7:00 pm         Mat beginner

8:30 am         Mat beginner


6:00 am         Equipment Class 

7:00 am         Equipment Class 

4:30 pm         Jump board Interval

5:30 pm         Equipment Class
6:00 pm         Equipment Class  
7:00 pm         Equipment Class 
9:30 am         Equipment Class 

8:30 am         Equipment Class 
9:30 am         Mat beginner
10:30 am       Equipment Class  


​7:00 am         Jump board interval

8:00 am         Equipment Class 
9:00 am         Mat Level 1

9:30 am         Mat beginner